A Discord channel for Dasein community
to interact, learn and grow together. 


What’s MentorBuddie?

A platform for Dasein students to come together and engage in a supportive environment focused on learning and growth. With our shared passion for personal and professional development, we collaborate to offer guidance, insights, and resources to help each other achieve our goals. Join us to be part of a community that empowers you to thrive!

Step 1.

Ask Question

When you face a challenge that halts your productivity, share your problem with the community. State your problem clearly so that everyone can understand before guiding you.


Step 2.


Everyone can be a mentor and guide members who needs help. Even if you do not know the answer, you can explore for solution with other members.


Step 3.

Give Thanks!

A problem-solving process is precious. Show appreciation and highlight the Question & Answer by giving Love or Thumbs Up.




You can communicate in any language, but it is highly recommended to use English so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge and information shared. It’s okay to use broken English!

Access Anywhere, Anytime

The community runs on a Discord Server, which is accessible from anywhere on your PC or mobile devices. Legends say that art students never sleep, therefore the community is always there for you.

Improved UX

Students can now label and browse through specific topic easily thanks to the new Forum feature on Discord.

Personalised Feedback

Get effective feedback on the project you’re working on. Feedback & critiques should be given in a professional manner.

Healthy & Professional Community

The community will be strictly regulated to maintain the formality and professionalism amongst members.

Levelling System

To keep things fun, you get XP to level up each time you interact.

Learn, Grow
& Improve!

Collaborative learning helps develop a community
of committed learners.